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Chapter 4
Living Dead

As Acid read the dark and ancient text of an old decrepit book, he muttered it's demonic phrases. What no one knew was that the book he was chanting from was one that has existed in many worlds, yet has only one name: The Necronomicon! As he scrolled through the blood written words, he stopped at the very thing he wished for. He looked toward an open plain of grass... seemingly harmless... Acid raised a hand and muttered, "Htulchich il exrvacht!" As time passed, dark magics flew around Acid and into the ground around him. He thought to himself, 'Perfect... with the spell taking place, there's no way Rainbow Dash will ever reach Sonic in time!' He started to laugh, but suddenly, a lion's paw burst from the ground... it wasn't decayed in any way, and was frighteningly similar to Acid.  The chaos lord started to be filled with anxiety as he stared at the being that arose from the ground. He exclaimed, "Discord!? How are you alive! The spell may have brought you back, but you aren't.... you aren't a corpse! That doesn't make sense!"

Discord laughed at Acid's fear. "Oh, Acid... what fun is making sense?" He circled around Acid and grinned his toothy smile, "You see, I didn't like it when you left me for dead after those heroes attacked me. In fact, I think it was enough to show me something..."

Acid grew worried, "And what is that?"

"While chaos is so much fun to bring forth, there are somethings that need to be done." Discord pointed to Acid, "And that is ridding the world of you! even if I ally with the ponies to do so!" Lightning cackled at the tip of his finger, and Acid backed up, awaiting the shot that incinerated him. But instead, Discord felt something grab his leg. A zombified corpse was arising from the ground, along with hundreds more. Discord panicked, "Gah! The living dead! I hav to warn them!" He warped away from the mass of shambling bodies.

Acid, still a little shaken from Discord's attempted attack, stared at his undead horde. "Ah," he sighed, "The living dead... the greatest form of weapon ever conceived... Now, my slaves, go forth and hunt down the Elements of Harmony, and feast on their flesh!" The hundreds of bodies moaned as they advanced towards random directions, in pursuit of Acid's targets. 'Rainbow Dash...' he thought maliciously, 'you better beware! Even if you listen to Discord, you and your friends won't be able to stop the shambling dead...'


Rainbow Dash passed out on the way to the rendezvous point. When she woke up finally, Shade and two warriors were overlooking her. Shade saw her rouse from unconsciousness, and turned to her assistants, "Oh great, she's awake." Shade turned back to Rainbow Dash, "Alright, I know this is gonna hurt, but whatever happens, try to keep the noise low."

"What are you-" Rainbow Dash was interrupted by searing pain coursing through her arms. The chains that bound her as Acid's prisoner were attached to nails that were hammered into her arms... and now they were being removed. As each nail was removed, the warriors grew disgusted with themselves for trusting Acid. After the painful procedure, Rainbow Dash started to grow suspicious of the girl looming over her. "Why are you helping me... who do you work for?"

"I don't work for anyone," Shade stated blankly, "But, I can bring you to who's leading these guys around," she said while pointing to the former chaos warriors. Shade helped Rainbow Dash onto her feet, and guided her towards the rebels' ringmaster. What Rainbow Dash didn't expect was to see Amy.

"Amy! You're behind this!?" Rainbow Dash gasped.

"I know what you're thinking Rainbow Dash... I'm trying to help you..." Amy explained, "I finally saw just how horrible Acid could be... I got your friends to sneak in and get you out safely." She sighed, "I just hope that even with through all that torture he put you through, your baby will be fine..." Rainbow Dash  frowned and placed a hand on her stomach, and began to worry for her child...

A white flash appeared in between a mass of warriors. The cause? Discord. The spirit of chaos slithered his way through the amount of armor clad fighters, and towards the ponies he once considered enemies. As he approached, they started to prepare to fight, as if he was about to attack. He laid down his arms and said, "There's no need for that, my little ponies... I mean no harm."

The others stared at him, "And why should we trust you?"

"I'm not exactly trustworthy of Acid, either... as I can see from the lot of you, not a lot of you trust him as well..." Discord turned and peered his head outside to see the vast horde of the dead approaching. Panicking, he went back to his former enemies, "I don't have a lot of time, so you have to listen to me. I overheard some of Acid's plans... he is trying to make Sonic turn into him!" He motioned toward Rainbow Dash, "But you can stop it. You can stop Acid's plan, and since Sonic won't turn into him, you will erase him from existence!"

"Me?" Rainbow Dash questioned, "Why?"

"Sonic thinks you're dead, and right now, he's slowly going crazy. If something doesn't happen soon, he'll become Acid... and I hate to say this... but it looks like if I'm going to stop it... then we'll have to be... p-p-partners..."

Twilight glared at the spirit of chaos, "You? With us?"

"I know, I resent the idea as well..." Discord frowned, "but I guess we'll have to make do..." He stared back to see the horde approaching even closer. "I have to go. I'm going to try and warn Sonic... though, I doubt he'll listen to me..." He warped away, not without everyone wondering why he had to leave so soon. And as they peered the same way Discord was, their eyes widened with fear...

One of the dead saw their targets. Immediately, it pointed in their direction and shouted, "THE LIVING!!!" The horde turned and sniffed, caught the scent of the rebels and the ponies. The rushed toward their location...

The sounds of the eve...

"No... NO!"
What happened to them! Zombies, Zombies, ZOMBIES!
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