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Chapter 6:
Light in Darkness

Sonic and Rainbow Dash had arrived at Rainbow's house. Sonic was just saying his goodbye's when something peculiar happened. In the night sky a loud whipping sound was heard. Both turned their heads toward the noise, but saw nothing. Rainbow Dash turned to Sonic, "I'll go check it out!"

She almost took off without a hitch, but Sonic grabbed onto her arm, stopping her in place. "No, you're not. Let me," he said.

"Oh come on, Sonic. you don't need to do this, I'll be fine," Rainbow Dash insisted.

"No! When Acid assaulted you, I made a promise to myself and to you," Sonic said concerning.

Now Rainbow Dash stared deeply into Sonic's eyes, "W-what was it?"

Sonic threw his arms around Rainbow Dash. "I promised to myself," Sonic began, with a tear seeping from his eye, "that I'd never let something like that happen to you again. The way I couldn't help you, I felt so... so useless!"

Rainbow Dash felt pity for her lover, "No, you weren't and never will be! Don't think like that-"

"But I was!" Sonic interrupted, "All I could do was sit there and watch you get hurt! Then to top it all off, I didn't finish him! I never want something like that to happen again!"

He almost started to sob from the memory of seeing Rainbow Dash being assaulted, but Rainbow Dash stopped him, "No, please... don't cry... I don't wanna see that." She darted her tried to look away, very embarrassed. 'All he wants is for you to be safe, Rainbow...' she thought to herself, 'at least let him make sure of it...' She smiled, "Tell you what Sonic," she said with a gleam in her eye, "first to find out what that thing was gets whatever they want for a month! Anything you could want, I would do for you... if you win that is."

Sonic smirked, "Alright then, you're on! I'll take that chance!" They zoomed off as the whipping noise increased. Once quite a distance away, they both saw a massive dragon with a bulky rider on it's back. There was no doubt who it was. Acid laughed his sinister laugh as Spike flew forward, thanks to patented mecha-wings, made by Acid, from Robotnik's design. "What's he doing out in the open?"

Rainbow Dash stared in amazement, "I dunno, but where did Spike get wings!? They look all... metal."

"Probably from Robotnik's scarps..." Sonic gritted his teeth.

"I thought you said he was dead!?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"It's a long story, now c'mon, we need to find out what he's doing!" The followed the flight of the massive dragon, with a madly cackling hedgehog riding on his back. All the way, Spike was bursting streams of fire onto various objects, mostly just plant life. "He must be on a practice run..." Sonic guessed.

"That, or he's trying to burn some people down to the ground!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. Sonic replied with a gasp of disbelief, to which Rainbow Dash responded, "Why would he be coming this close to a city? He wants to burn something... but what?"

Acid was laughing so hard, he could barely breath. When he finally recovered, he whispered to Spike, "Why don't we start with some pony barbecue, eh?" Spike's mouth seethed with flames, and the massive dragon flew toward a few houses, six to be exact. Acid knew what they were. They were the houses of his pony rivals, to which he referred as the Elements of Harmony. "Oh come out, my little ponies! I'm sure you don't want to miss the fireworks!"

All five that were still in their houses revealed themselves and saw Acid and his ally flying overhead. Spike heaved in his massive payload of fire, and spewed bursts of flames. "RUN!!!" Twilight shouted. Everyone fled as fast as they could from each blast, but soon found out it wasn't meant to hit them. Each burst of pyrokinetic energy was centered right on their houses, burning them to a crisp. Spike landed on the ground, as each pony still scrambled to recover. "Is everypony alright?" Twilight asked, extremely worried. She looked around and couldn't find Rainbow Dash. "Rainbow Dash! Where are you!? Rainbow!!!"

Rainbow Dash rushed over to her friends, with Sonic close behind. "Are you guys alright?" she asked. They all piled around Rainbow Dash in a group hug, but quickly reassembled when they saw the menace with his massive dragon standing before them.

Acid laughed, "So, you spend the last moments of your pathetic life with your so called friendship? So be it! Spike, destroy them all!!!" Spike roared viciously, but suddenly stopped after looking at his next victims. "Huh?" Acid grew bewildered, "What's wrong with you? Why aren't you killing anyone!?" Spike seemed to respond to Acid, granted they sounded of growls and grunts, Acid could understand him. "I don't CARE if she's your friend, I want them DEAD!!!" Spike continued to, what seemed like, plead with Acid. "No! FINE! If you like her so much," Acid pointed and fixated his gaze towards Rarity, "KILL HER!!!"

Spike couldn't move. The dragon found himself paralyzed, which proved to be a massive mistake. Acid pulled out a massive three pronged trident and jabbed Spike repeatedly with the pole-arm. As Spike winced in pain, Acid growled, "Maybe I was WRONG about you! Maybe you are still a weak, spineless, CHILD!!!" Acid turned his attention to his enemies, "It seems my dragon has... chickened out on me... When I return, you ill not be so fortunate..." He once again fixated his anger on Rarity, "Especially you!"

When Acid fled off in the sky with the massive beast, everyone was stunned at what just happened. Rarity was confused the most, "Strange... what did I have to do with it?"

Twilight's expression darkened with sadness again. "That was Spike, Rarity..." Rarity stared at Twilight with confusion. She continued, "Acid changed him into becoming full grown... but it seems he remembers you. But Acid's not going to let that happen..." They looked around. "And on top all that, he destroyed all of our homes..."

Sonic had an idea. "I know somewhere you can stay... it's a little dark down there, but I think you can manage."

They all turned to him and asked in unison, "Wait, down there?"

Sonic led the six ponies into the caverns of Lower Mobius. The underground city still stayed in tact, even through the chaos attacks. "Fact is," Sonic grinned, "those scumbags don't even know this place even exists! It's perfect... you won't be in any sort of danger..." Though his reasoning was slightly convincing, his friends still seemed weary. "What's wrong, guys?"

Fluttershy spoke up, "Umm, we really like that you're giving us a new home and all, but we don't exactly think it'll be the best..."

Sonic sighed, "I know, I know, trust me, if there was something better, I'd give it to all of you, but for now... this is it..." Sonic began his ascension back to the surface, "I'll see you all later."

<Later... 12:00 A.M. to be precise>

Sonic had finally reached the royal place of Mobotropolis. It had been a long time since he had last been there, but the memories of old still burned through him. Sonic was the last of his line... the last in his family... and where of his siblings and mother, you ask? Dead. All of them, slain by Acid's hand, leaving Sonic heir to the throne. He left it open, however, which lead to the great split, where hundreds of soldiers gave themselves to chaos from the absence of their leader. That was seven years ago. And now, Sonic stood by the throne once again. Alone in the dark room, with no one in his sight, he walked slowly up to the throne. He grabbed a bloody crown left upon the seat of the throne. "Don't worry, mom.. sibs... I'll make you proud," he muttered to himself. Sonic found he wasn't alone. He turned to see Rainbow Dash, "How did you find me?"

"Come on, Sonic. A blue streak isn't that hard to find when you're airborne," she smirked. But then she laid her eyes on the crown in Sonic's hands. "What's that? Wait, what are you hiding?"

Sonic was quick to hide the crown behind him, "Nothing! It's really nothing."

Rainbow Dash walked up close to Sonic, "No, it isn't! " She placed her hands on his shoulders, "What's going on? Why are you here?"

Sonic sighed, "Fine, you wanna know... sit down." He motioned toward the throne.

"M-me? sit in there? Are you nuts, cause I'm guessing this is a palace and palaces usually equal royalty!"

Sonic frowned, "Well... you're looking at it..."

Rainbow Dash gasped, "Y-y-you're a prince!?"

Sonic's frown got bigger, "No... I'm king..." He immediately started bursting into tears.

"Sonic, what's wrong?" Rainbow Dash asked while wrapping her arms around her lover, "Isn't this a good thing? I mean, you-"

"I never wanted to, okay!" he snapped, "I was a part of a royal family. When me and my siblings were only babies, my mother separated us so that one day we would fulfill a prophecy to overthrow Robotnik, who ruled the world at the time... we finally reunited nine years ago, and then two years after that, fucking Acid HAD to come in and... and... and kill them! All of them! when I came home one day, h was just sitting there, with my mother;s dead body in his hands, staring at her like she was a toy at a carnival..." Now Sonic couldn't stand all of the memories he had been repressing. All the bad memories that happened in his life, were taking their toll on the poor hero, as he sobbed with pain.

Rainbow Dash herself was moved by Sonic's past and was in tears herself. "All this time... you didn't have anyone to turn to for these horrible things... no one to feel safe around!? How could you even live!?"

"I barely believed it myself..." Sonic choked, "I was almost about to kill myself, but then that warp portal... that day I came to Equestria... there was something about you that made me wanna fight on..." Rainbow Dash looked puzzled. Sonic was thinking of what to say next, when his thoughts blurted out to him, 'Do it... you need her, and she probably wants you!' "Can you hold on one sec?" Sonic asked as a bolted through the palace. He searched around, seemingly aimlessly, until he found the things he was searching for...

He met up with Rainbow Dash again, but this time he seemed to be carrying things... 'What's he planning?' Rainbow Dash thought.

Sonic continued from his monologue to Rainbow Dash, "Dashie, when I first met you, there was something about you that I couldn't understand... You were so loyal, so brave... and do I need to mention how beautiful you are?" Rainbow Dash blushed at Sonic's compliments. "And when I saw you needed help, I wanted to be the first one by your side... I didn't know what it meant at the time... and for the four years we've been friends, I have to say, you've been the best one I have. And it may have taken those four years, but god damn it, Rainbow, you're the one I will love to 'til the day I die... and even beyond that!"

Rainbow Dash's eyes widened in surprise as Sonic went to the floor on one knee. "I know this'll be sudden," he continued, "But... Rainbow Dash, will you marry me?" He held out in the palm of his hand a ring that encased four diamond shaped rubies along the outer side.

Rainbow Dash's mind lit up with excitement. "Yes! Yes, of course I'll marry you, Sonic the Hedgehog!" She threw her arms around her and planted a kiss on his lips. She felt her whole being filled with joy. 'I can't believe it!' Rainbow Dash thought to herself, 'I'm getting married now! And I'm marrying the perfect guy... Oh Sonic, thank you!'

Sonic broke the kiss, and smiled, "Hold on." He reached behind him and placed a golden colored tiara on Rainbow Dash's head. "To you, my queen..." he smiled. Rainbow Dash squealed, then hugged Sonic as tight as she could. "Oh and one more thing," he said, while staring outside at a clock-tower.

"What's that?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Happy Birthday, Dashie," Sonic grinned as he placed a kiss on her cheek.
WHEW!!! That was F****NG LONG!!!

Anyway... were things too random in the start, or were they okay... AND, awwwww happy end to chapter!
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