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Chapter 9
The Horsemen's Due

Acid cackled maniacally. Everyone was there as he stared at his range of enemies, from his old friends, to the newer ones, Acid saw a whole building ready to kill him and his fellow horsemen. "I stand before you all... former friends... equestrians, to show you something that I know you will not comprehend!" Acid started to pace as everyone stood up and braced to pounce on him. "How ironic, Sonic? That you hold your wedding, the start of a new chapter in your life... in the very same place your family was murdered." Rainbow Dash literally had to pull Sonic back with all her strength to stop him from pouncing Acid. "Where was I?" Acid chuckled. "Oh yes, and now... to add even more irony!"

Acid started to remove his helmet from his head, wheezing all the while. When he threw the armor piece to the ground, everyone's eyes widened with surprise to see Acid look exactly like Sonic; he even had a new eye! "I hate covering my beautiful face... but, then again, it is Sonic's!" He busted into a dark laughter, which was followed by his other horsemen. "But wait, IT GETS BETTER!" Acid shouted hysterically, "I, yes, this guy, speaking right here... am SONIC!!! BWAHAHAHAHA! And not just that!" Acid periodically laughed very hysterically, "I *laugh* am Sonic *laugh* and I killed my own *laugh* parents, and *laugh* I torment my own *laugh* wife!"

"You're lying!" Sonic shouted. He started to charge toward his arch-rival, "I'd never do something that horrible, YOU-"

"He's not lying!" Everyone heard Rainbow Dash utter these words. And Sonic couldn't believe he heard those words come out of anyone's mouth, let alone Rainbow's.

Acid had started to tear up in his eyes from laughter, "OH GODS, THIS IS RICH!!! SHE'S RIGHT, I'M NOT! IN FACT, I KNEW ABOUT THIS BEFORE ANYONE!!!" Acid could barely breathe from the amount of laughter that exhumed from his mouth. A large outburst of rioting occurred, which allowed Acid to recover from his laughing fit. "And now... time to do what a horsemen does best!" He motioned to his minions, how were waiting all that time for their master to stop laughing. "Pestilence, War, Famine, CHA- Wait.. do you hear that?"

His minions shook their heads. Acid continued, "It sounds like... screaming! But it's outside the palace... why-" Acid was interrupted by a crash in the wall of the building. A hedgehog had crashed through the ceiling and into the floor. All commotion stopped as they checked on the figure. Miraculously, he wasn't dead, in fact... whatever gashes or wounds he had were closing up at an alarming rate. "SPINE!?" Acid shouted, "But if you live... then-"

The doorway to the palace, still open, was blocked by three figures; Team Vengeance had found Acid. "Now you three were supposed to die from the Death Egg's core meltdown you had unleashed!" Acid shouted, while pointing at them.

"Sorry, Acid," Flare chuckled, "but Needle learned a new trick."

Spine raised a hand from his crater of a resting place, "I guess an old dog can learn new tricks..." He emerged from his small crater and readied to attack Acid and his horsemen.

"Now, now," Acid smirked, "You four should know I never play fair!" He whistled, and in a few moments, Spike came crashing through the doorway. The dragon roared a terrifying death threat in draconic. "Now it's time for your death, Sonic! Watch as I kill all of your friends, and then YOU!!!" Acid shouted with glee.

Twilight laughed, "You're kidding me, Acid. Remember, Spike will never hurt us! What makes you think he will now?"

Acid laughed back, "Spike, ATTACK!" The dragon bellowed a fearsome roar at Twilight, who shrank in terror from her former assistant. "Yes, Spike! YES! KILL THEM ALL!!!" As fire started to singe inside Spike's mouth, a blade sped toward him and slightly pierced his scaly hide. The beast growled and turned to see Spine retracting a blade from his wrist.

"HEY! Snaggletooth!!! You remember me!? The guy who's girl you ate! I still remember that, you little fucker!!!" He charged at Spike with intense rage, as the beast started to swipe his claws at him, with each attack unsuccessful.

Twilight and her friends were shouting at the top f their lungs, "NO! HE's JUST A BABY!!!" as Spine started to climb the beasts back... little did they know that Spine couldn't hear them! Spine unleashed all the blades in his right hand, from the ones in between his fingers, to his knuckles. With a loud war cry, Spine plunged his blades into Spike's neck. The dragon's eyes shrinking, and the creature hitting the ground, limp in control. The device that Acid implanted in Spike imploded... causing him to revert to normal.

Spine slid off the creature's neck, while it was still big, and started to brag. "YEAH! What now, just killed a freaking dragon!" he stared at his allies, who stared back at him with disgust. "What the hell y'all starin at?"

Twilight felt tears in her eyes, "He was a baby... and you killed him!"

Spine became irritated, "Oh come on! You cannot tell me that he was... a..." He turned to see Spike, once again a little baby dragon. "Oh my god..." he muttered, because not only was the little dragon a baby, he was still alive... and bleeding out.

Spike was dying. His vision blurred, he had a hard time seeing. But he could still see his friends. He muttered in pain, "Ugh... T-twilight, is that y-you?" Twilight rushed to his side and held him in her arms. Tears streamed through her eyes. Spike continued, "I-I don't feel so good... what's happening? Am... am I-"

Twilight stopped Spike before he could finish, "No, don't think about that! E-everything's going to be all r-right!" She could barely hold herself together from her tears. She started to rub Spike's scales smoothly, "You're going to be fine! Nothing's going to happen to you!"

Spike could see the stress in her eyes, and knew he was dying. He too started to tear up in his eyes, "Twilight..." he turned to the rest of his friends, "Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack... you guys were the best friends someone could ever have... I... I l-" He was cut off only by his blood running dry, and his body unable to function. Spike died, and fell limp in Twilight's arms...
And they would all fall... together...
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stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
From a awsome victory to a sad moment
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o. o .........poor spike.........
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Don't be that selfish... a baby just died!
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